Monday, May 14, 2007


wel..halo-haLo na tlaga..abstract..just have 2 unload..bhala na di maintindihan..

u can't say u'v lost a friend. If a frndshp is capable of ending, it is bcoz it nvr existd..

i hope sumday,u wud rmmbr me as d person hu alwys smiled even when my heart was broken & d one hu wud always try to bryten up ur day even if i cudn't bryten up my own..

i see you beside me..its only a dream..vixns of wat used 2 be..

i always think their lucky cos they have 1..back then i always asked myself y everything happened..y am i be left behind..didn't even had d chance 2 ask her y she did dt..thot i was over w/ these feelings..thot i dn't care..but everytime i see a happy _______,a question always cums in my mind..y cn't i have 1?.

knw d feeling were it all goes super weird..?..feeling dt every1 treats u as an option..wen u thot things wud be gud then suddenly ur ther,sitting bsyd ur bed..alone..w/ ur frnd stuff toy to hug..

how sad is missing people when don't even know if they still remember u..?..ouch..

stuck w/ yesterday..y can't i wake up and face tomorrow..w/ sunshyn..(haha..silly me..)..

its hard to fix broken glass..what ever you do,it won't be the same again..u'l only get wounds and disapointment..pain..

memories..i always stupidly hold on 'em..y?..iknw they'r the only things that remain constant..

im bad..but y is it hard 4 me 2 take d risk hurting any1 just 2 show my true it bcos i luv being fake???this is d real me,i dnt show my feelings often..but is that being fake??haha weird..

it’s hard to answer d question, ‘what’s wrng?’ when nothings seems 2 be ryt..

evrything changes eventually,dt’s just the way lyf is,& u hav no control over it…like, sudnly people hu you think r alwys going 2 b there…they disappear…u know,people die & muv away…& they grow up. –a lyn frm Dawson’s Creek

sumtyms it hurts more to smile in front of evryone than to cry all alone..