Thursday, November 22, 2007



i'm paying the toll of being super late!! and when i say late, it's coming 12 when the agreed time is 10am. it's the product of sleeping 3am and waking up fault?-hell yeah! hehe.. so i've got no one to blame. .when i've arrived to our meeting place, they're already gone!(oh brother). and i'm that dumb to realize that i have a cellphone to text them. haha. too late(late.late.late again). so i texted one of them. and yes, they've gone home. great. just great. any suggestions? i can't go home, i've locked our house and i got no freakin keys with me.! yes we'll all meet later again for some school activity but it's not until after 4 hours! oh boy is that long. got no extra money here so i find it more practical if i spend for surfing than go to the mall and what, see the same old stuff and take a walk around for a hundred times(we have a small mall here ya know) or watch a movie(i don't like the now-showing movies here) i'm here at a cafe. killing time. oh, it's 1:55.. 2 hours and 5 minutes to go! haha! good luck.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

at last!woohoo..

after a stressful week.. phew-hew!.. hehe.. research's through!-regardless of the results. waha!. well anyway.. never to mind that.. atleast we're free from it. failure or not..<not a good reason ain't it? haha! i never really wanted doing research yu knw.. as if i have a choice... so that's it.. hehe.. i had enough of it already..

along with it, goodbye to the sleepovers at mic's.. bye to the reasonable alibi to go home very late.. bye to picture takings.. bye to forcing mhoks to come and get some stinking water sample down tha creek..haha! and the sad part is, i'll miss leaving mic in the room alone at night, dark and to top it all, doors closed, with him still asleep..hahaha! that was a good scare.. hahaha.. sorry mhoks!. haha!.. and the best is, goodbye brainstorming! yeah..

of course, all those goodbyes' not gonna last.. haha.. we'rs still in 3rd grading.. that's just for one subject.. haha!

.. we ended the week great. haha! having our teacher treat us at the kiosk(cool huh?).. haha. he said it'd serve as a celebration for all of us.'s between the two of them(teachers) and the two of us(students).. hehe.. it's not everyday that i experience this kind of stuff, ya know. hehe.. we ate exotic food(as to my view of it.haha).. maya, frog, and pig's ear.. woah.. i didn't like the appearances alryt.. haha.. but bliv me, it tastes great!.. wehe..4 rounds.. til i saw stars around me. hahaha!.. thanks! it was an unforgettable week-ender.. hehe..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

words from a girl hu's half asleep.. hehe

here i am again.. infront of this computer.. for the same reason.. our project.. damn it.. not that our project's a boom but we still have worked hard for it(yeah).. sleepless nyts(literally).. i slept 2 am and woke up 6.. aargh!but i don't despise this project that much(nor the adviser.haha!) i'm actually just blaming this printer. it's printing hell! how many pieces of paper were waisted! not to mention my time. it's been an hour since i started printing.. 47 pages.. and guess what... m still on the 29th page!(am i starting to be a 29-fanatic?!)

oh boy am i sleepy.. need to sacrifice to avoid the mouth of many droplets..

haven't even eaten my dinner yet.. ulcer's waiting for me..

m starving!!!

if this printer won't work, m gonna eat that dog barking outside!..haha.. kidding..

oh gosh.. God help me.... help!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

national fiasco's day

well ok, a bit exaggeration on the title.. it's actually more like personal fiasco's day. my fiasco's day.. haha... i woke up this morning smiling(naks.hehe).. i've forgotten bout the card day. haha... then it came. kaboom!(haha.oa).. i was actually waiting for marvee's name.. yeah. we've heard it. haha. quite shocking(m talking about the ranking).. the other shocking thing was I'm ranked 29th! haha. guess how many we were in our class..... 29. haha! coincidence? hahaha.. well anyway. it took me minutes to absorb it. haha. m d dumbest!..sensor all the after events.. haha..

well anywayz.. after the censored scenes,haha, i invited Mic to watch stardust(ya know, to ease myself.haha).. what could be worse? the lady on the ticket booth said it's too early for complementary passes. haha. we have to wait for other viewers.. damn it..we waisted 2 hrs for nothing.. it's when we realized we got a deadline to meet!and it's tomorrow. our investigatory project..haha. nice trip..

we head back to tagatala(school).. i was left. 'til i fall asleep(so much for the project).. when i woke up, i went for a walk. some of my classmates saw me and they were like "van, what happened?!" "nagbinuang ka noh?".. blah..blah.. they were talking bout the ranking alryt.. hell.. i went home with the rest of the gang(pee-ar).. and i received a very inspiring word from b1.. hehe.."save the best for LAST".. cool huh?.. hahaha.. i felt better.. thanks bez.. haha..

at the end of the day, it was still all my fault.. i've been a fiasco.. blame it all to myself.. I've been expecting my rank but it still was a pain in the ass. haha!..

am i depressed? the hell i am. hahAha!!


p.s. oh, and the third problem of the day?? up to this very hour, we haven't finished our project yet.. hahaha! tata..