Monday, February 18, 2008

it's a date

yeah. a date with myself.. boohoo.. today's really a not-so-interesting day but i just missed blog making.. hehe..

anywayz,.. my day started good.. huraAy.. my dad woke me up with a warm smile. i ate my cereal without any ant on it(it's actually a miracle for me.haha). it's tuesday but we don't have classes coz of the NSPC event they're holding here. (it's another huray for a student lyk me. hehe.) i planned to sleep for the whole day. "this is lyf"-i thought to myslf.. last m in the four corners of my room. lying comfortably on my bed. i could feel the cool breeze outside with my window opened.. i turned on the radio. and i found my guitar(there goes my sleeping plan.hehe).. it's great day. i have all the time in the world just playing my guitar or do anything i want to..i was enjoying myself when suddenly my wicked brother knocked at my door like he's gonna destroy it..i have no choice.i opened it.he 'borrowed' my guitar and told me to do some stuffs that was supposed to be his job!..and my day is ruined thanks to him! grrr. hu ever started d rule that big bros have to be obeyed, thank you so much..

there it goes. after i've done what he told me, i decided to go out. i bought something from the mall. i thought of eating but the food court's so filled with poeple. i looked at what's on cinemas and i found one interesting movie.. so i went up to buy myself a ticket but the ticket lady(whatever you call her)refused to give me a ticket! guess what, it's damned rated-18.. grr.

so i went out.. walked around.. and i found myslef near DD's so i bought myself a wacko and continued walking... i saw NSPC delegates from other places roaming around the city.. and lucky me, some one stepped on my foot! grr.. yes he said sorry butit goes lyk this:"sorry PO" --ano dw??PO?!,. do i look that old?!! i wish he was the ticket lady so i could've watched the damned movie..

now i ended up sitting infront of this computer.writing this senseless blog.. haha..

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