Thursday, February 21, 2008

a tour to dreamland---bwahaha

Glad my big bro's around

I am so glad my big bro's around ,
he's such good fun to have about.
When I am down he makes me laugh ,
makes me forget that I wanted to scream and shout.
He's not led an honest and straight life ,
been in trouble a few times and served some time.
No he's not a murderer or has he hurt another ,
just a petty thief doing the odd small crime.
The rest of the family turnt their backs on him ,
but to stand by big bro I'll always do.
For now he's living with my family again ,
and I am happy that he is it's true.
Now that I work all day I don't know what I'd do without him ,
he does not mind helping out and making things easier for me.
I have had my fair share of problems and worries lately ,
he may not be able to take them away but there for me he said he'll always be.
He is great with the kids too and they love him to bits ,
so that is why I am gald my big bro is around.
He cheers me up when I am feeling down ,
and keeps my feet well and truely on the ground.

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