Sunday, March 30, 2008


yeah. i know it'll sound pretty pathetic..but it's how i feel ryt now.. it's something i can't control..sawang-sawa na 'ko.. i'm sick and tired of being left behind..1st my was alryt.. if it didn't happened again and again(and well, you got the point) as if it's a routine i can't live w/o..i'm not talking about you.don't ya worry..( know who u r.haha!).. sometimes i think i was born to be left. now i'm actually worried to be attached to someone, afraid that it might happen again..but yup,i know i have to accept it. nothing's permanent..moving on is really the answer..

leaving the topic behind, i'll go talk about "you" again.. haha!!.. so.. you're trying to ignore me,huh?.. hurts.. but what can i do? i don't chase unworthy people around just to be remembered if i know i didn't do anything wrong ..i don't stick myself to someone who doesn't need me.. i won't bother you anymore. thank me. haha!..i think i'm already hating you.. but no.. it's not ryt.. hehe.. but please. i'm on the process of forgetting you.. so don't make papansin..HAHA..don't make a scene to be noticed and just ignore me if i did notice you and acknowledge your presence.. coz it just annoys me even more.. i'll get a life.. get yours.. hehe.. gudbye..this time i know i'm not left.. i just don't want to go chase you..

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