Saturday, March 1, 2008

weirdness everywhere.. ingat kayo..

i just received a txt msj..
super weird.. we've talked about it with my classmates but i ddn't know it was real. i thot it was just a made-up story.. i don't know.. they say there's a cult roaming around marbel(i don't know.maybe around south cot or even mindanao!wah).. reports say that a number of kids got lost.witnesses say that suspects grab the children and take them inside a van..the plate number is even reconized! #VMM 507..tsk3x.. you think you've heard the weirdest part of the news? nope. the latest msj i've read is that a kid was found lifeless at the grand terminal in tacurong just a whie ago. with EYES and VITAL ORGANS MISSING!!. another puzzling thing is that he holds 5000 bucks.. gosh.. what's happening...???.. i don't hold evidences that it's true but it's not a lost if we take extra care of ourselves.. be cautious everyone.. who knows-----

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